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Prominent Lawyer Robs Engineer off $30k

The gang ransacked Engineer Chitsungo's house and stole clothes, electrical appliances and US$1,600 cash.

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Prominent Lawyer Robs Engineer off $30k

Prominent Bindura lawyer Elatone Bonongwe allegedly hired a gang of eight robbers to attack Engineer Emson Chitsungo of Pfura Rural District Council, assaulted and robbed him of US$30 000 in cash and valuables.

Bonongwe allegedly instructed his uncle, whom he once represented over another robbery, to gather a team of robbers.

Lady Squanda Arrested For Armed Robbery.

Bonongwe (54) of number 64 Old Pfura location in Mt Darwin is jointly charged with his co-accused and uncle Musa Gandi (42) of Buhera, Agness Kunaka (41) of Chiweshe, Raby Gwenya (39) of Nyazvidzi, and Gutu and Tafadzwa Obrey Chipashe (35) of Chiweshe. The other four are still being hunted down.

The lawyer, his uncle and the gang appeared before Bindura magistrate Mrs Chimangu facing robbery charges and were remanded in custody until November 13.

Prosecutor Mr Garudzo Ziyadhuma reminded them that only the High Court can grant bail in robbery cases.

The court heard that on October 5, Bonongwe schemed to rob Eng Chitsungo using a gang called in by his uncle.

The gang armed with an AK47 bayonet and two sharp iron bars drove to Mt Darwin in a Sienta Redan and met Bonongwe who showed them Eng Chitsungo’s house and left them.

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The gang scaled a precast wall at Eng Chitsungo’s house and while inside they slapped him and burnt his behind with a hot iron while demanding cash and valuables.

Prominent Lawyer Robs Engineer off $30k

They ransacked the house and stole clothes, electrical appliances and US$1 600.

But as the eight drove towards Harare, they were stopped at a roadblock near Mazowe and the police demanded to search the car.

The gang fled but a Support Unit back-up fired four shots and so police were able to arrest the four who appeared in court while the other four escaped.

After a search, the police recovered some of the stolen property and weapons used in committing this crime.

During interviews, accused four implicated Bonongwe and showed WhatsApp chats and text messages between Bonongwe and his uncle Gandi tasking him to assemble a team to rob Engineer Chitsungo.

Property worth US$21 000 was recovered. The total value of the stolen property was US$30 049.


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