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Makhadzi Threatens to End her Life

"I am now ending my life for good. RIP to myself" - Makhadzi

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Makhadzi Threatens to End her Life

Makhadzi has shared a very concerning message threatening to end her life in the early hours of November 11.

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In a post, share said that she was tired of life and would be ending it. Makhadzi posted on Facebook:

I am now ending my life for good. RIP to myself. Please don’t call me no one will answer.

She also cautions fans not to reach out to her because her contacts won’t be reachable.

There has not been much information to prove if she was the one who posted the message with some speculating that she may have been hacked.

Fans have expressed worry over this heartbreaking message and some hope that it is not her.


In an unsettling event, a man from South Africa repeatedly cut himself with a knife in front of witnesses on what was thought to be Sibanye-Stillwater’s property.

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However, James Wellstead, a spokesman for Sibanye-Stillwater, verified that the incident happened in an unofficial trading area rather than on the company’s property as reported to them.

Makhadzi Threatens to End her Life

He continued by saying that they are still looking.

In the video footage circulating online, the perpetrator can be seen knifing his victim, and he later sent the disturbing images on social media.

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In the video and images, the knife-wielding man is then seen posing with the body from all angles and even taking a selfie or two.

Man who killed co-worker and ate intestines

It appears that the deceased had multiple lacerations to the neck and a deep laceration to his stomach. A small knife can also be seen resting on the man’s gutted stomach.

According to unconfirmed reports, the man also ate some of his victim’s intestines.


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