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Mum Initiates 4yo Son into Manjuzu

Josphat, the father claims that his ex-wife, Anna, has been misleading their son and has been taking him to ‘manjuzu’ rituals

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Mum Initiates 4yo Son into Manjuzu

A Southerton man has accused his ex-wife of initiating his four-year-old son into a cult known as ‘manjuzu’, or marine spirits.

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Josphat Muswati, the father claims that his ex-wife, Anna Chinake, has been misleading their son and has been taking him to ‘manjuzu’ rituals.

Josphat alleges that Anna took their son’s birth certificate to a manjuzu ritual, forcing him to seek a duplicate from the Registrar’s Office.

The father further claims that Anna took their son to a house where he was left locked up during the rituals. Josphat said:

Anna has been taking my son for manjuzu, leaving him locked up in a house.

She took his birth certificate to manjuzu last year, and until today she can’t avail it.

I am aware that the child is a minor who is supposed to be under the custody of his mother, but Anna appears to have been misled about the so-called manjuzu.

Josphat firmly stated that he could not allow his son to be initiated into such a cult and decided to take the child himself.

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Fiona Madheira, Anna’s mother, confirmed the fight between Josphat and Anna to the publication.

Mum Initiates 4yo Son into Manjuzu

She stated that the minor has been staying with a stepmother since January.

Anna last stayed with her son sometime in January. Josphat decided to take the child for him to live with his new wife following a misunderstanding.

On a Friday, Anna and her mother, Fiona Madheira, and a friend reportedly attempted to collect the child from Josphat’s house.

However, their efforts were unsuccessful as Josphat had taken the child to one of his relatives.

Setting the record straight, Anna has denied participating in marine spirits (Manjuzu). She further claimed that her ex-husband has no proof that she is into the ‘Manjuzu’ cult.

As for manjuzu, Josphat has no evidence to prove that I am into manjuzu. He never saw me conducting manjuzu from the time we separated. We separated four years ago.

Meanwhile, Anna has stated that she will do everything in her power to get her son back.

I will make sure I get my son, if it means engaging police, I will do so.


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