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Church Caretaker Kicked Out After 49 Year Service

Elias Petros (69) and his unwell wife, Eunice Petros (42), have found themselves on the street.

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Church Caretaker Kicked Out After 49 Year Service

In an unChristian move, the Anglican church in Mufakose forced an ailing, dedicated church member and his family out of church premises.

Anglican Church Caretaker Commits Suicide At Church Premises

Despite serving as a messenger and caretaker for nearly half a century, Elias Petros (69) and his unwell wife, Eunice Petros (42), found themselves on the street.

Elias, currently unable to speak due to illness, had to stop working nine months ago after being attacked in a robbery.

In a chat, Eunice shed light on what she called “the dark side of the Mufakose Anglican Church administration”.

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Eunice revealed how the promises of gratuity were nothing but just lipservice.

Church Caretaker Kicked Out After 49 Year Service

She claimed the church turned a blind eye to Elias’ long service by seeking a court order for their eviction.

My husband worked for the Anglican Church for the past 49 years.

He stopped working in the past few months after he was attacked by robbers, and he never recovered from the attack.

The church had promised to give him his gratuity, but the administration decided to approach the court to remove him without any handshake.

Instead of healing us, the church has decided to add salt to our bleeding wounds.

Eunice emphasized how their kids’ education would take a hit. She also revealed how a compassionate community member stepped in to take care of their belongings. Eunice said:

Our children’s education will be affected when the Anglican Church is busy looking after other children outside its temple.

One community member felt pity for us and offered to look after our property.

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When pressed for comment, the diocese dean, Jonah Benjamin Munyaradzi Mudowaya, said they will issue an official statement via the Anglican Cathedral office. Mudowaya said:

I cannot communicate through the phone. We will give you our side of the story at our Anglican Cathedral office.


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