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Bride & Groom Discover They Are Cousins

The bride and groom discovered that their mothers were blood sisters

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Bride & Groom Discover They Are Cousins

There was drama a a wedding reception when the ceremony was forced to be abandoned after the bride and groom discovered that both their mothers were blood sisters.

All the pomp and funfair came to an abrupt ending when they bother realized they were cousins and so could not continue with their vows.

Drama as Groom Impregnates all 4 Brides Maids

The video making rounds on social media depicts the moment the two sisters recognize each other after decades of not seeing each other eye to eye.

The groom and bride were visibly shocked in the video, with the groom breaking down in uncontrollable tears.

The two sisters have been estranged for a time so much that they never made contact and the other of the sisters only flew into Nigeria the day before the wedding.

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An incestuous marriage is a marriage between close family members. The validity of an incestuous marriage depends on the law of the state where the parties intend to reside.

In the state where the incestuous marriage is regarded as a crime, the incestuous marriage is not accepted for immigration purposes even if the marriage was legally contracted somewhere else.

Bride & Groom Discover They Are Cousins

Incestuous marriages are marriage between the following: a parent and a child, a grandparent and a grandchild, a bother and a sister (either half blood or whole blood), an uncle and a niece (either half blood or whole blood), an aunt and a nephew (either half blood or whole blood), and first cousins (kids of parents who are siblings) as in this case.

Bride Deserted By Groom At Wedding Venue.

Incest has a social danger consisting in the possibility of hereditary pathology and causing harm to the interests of the family and public morals. The potential danger of incest seems sufficient to establish criminal liability.

Watch the video below:


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