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Congregants Shocked as Pastor Turns to OnlyFans

“I believe that making sensual content does not diminish me as a daughter of God or as a person” - Pastor Ana Akiva

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Congregants Shocked as Pastor Turns to OnlyFans

A former model-turned-pastor in Brazil is going back to her scantily-clad roots, but said she now “feels closer to God than ever.”

Ana Akiva, 36, of the Fuxico Gospel church announced she’s shifting focus to OnlyFans, with the mindset she “can go back to church” down the road.

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“I believe that making sensual content does not diminish me as a daughter of God or as a person,” Akiva told CEN, adding that she stepped down from her role as pastor “out of respect for God.”

The sexy secular transition should come with ease for Akiva, who has amassed 100,000 Instagram followers over the years.

Previously, she was a risque model who bared all in Brazil’s Miss BumBum competition, which ranks the best rear ends in the South American nation annually, before finding religion in 2015.

Congregants Shocked as Pastor Turns to OnlyFans

But before condemning her choices, Akiva says let those who are without sin cast the first stone.

I began to see that [the church] is a corrupt environment, it is even worse than the secular world, because there they are preaching one thing and living another,” she claimed.

Not all of them, but a large part is corrupt.”

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The Post reached out to Ana for comment.

Another contributing factor came from Akiva’s former husband, fellow clergy member Youssef Akiva, who she said was keeping her down during their six years together.

“When I was married, he forbade me to work outside the home and have friends. He lived for his family and his church,” Akiva, who also works as a flight attendant, claimed.

It’s difficult to be happy next to someone who controls your life and who never puts you up, who calls you rubbish, spits in your face, many women go through this in the church and suffer in silence just like me,” she alleged.

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She also preached that “it is increasingly common to hear reports of women being victims of narcissists who hide behind religion.”

Some verses talk about submission, obedience and silence,” she said.

I suffered for a long time, forgiving all the abuse because I understood that it was my obligation.”

Another Christian porn star, Courtney Tillia, 35, said that she also found the vocation thanks to God’s calling.

Source| NY Post


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