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Married Chipo Cheated in Chivhu with Several Men

Patient Chipo had no birth certificate, and it was difficult for her to stay there because of immigration issues

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Married Chipo Cheated in Chivhu with Several Men

A married woman was dumped by her husband for dishing out herself while her husband was toiling in South Africa.

Noel Macheredze sent his wife Patient Chipo Ncube packing after he found steamy messages exposing her promiscuity.

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Noel went to South Africa with his wife, Patient, to stay and work there. However, Patient had no birth certificate, and it was difficult for her to stay there because of immigration issues. He then sent her to Chivhu with their child.

When Patient got to Zimbabwe, it was tlof tlof galore, as reported by H-Metro. She was allegedly dating several men in Chivhu, corroborated by her husband and a side dude named Kudakwashe Nherera.

Word got to Noel that his wife was dishing out the cat to men in Chivhu, and he was hell-bent on busting the whole drama.

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He returned from South Africa, and one grumpy day, he snatched and confiscated Patient’s phone. Noel found raunchy messages between Patient and her side, Kudakwashe, and other men.

One message shamelessly read:

Zuva riya wakapotsa wandimitisa. Nhasi huya zvakare nekuti ndakusuwa. Uye ndikaita mimba bho nekuti baba vekwangu mmmm.

Raving mad, Noel reportedly threw Patient out and sent her to her parents in Hwange. Noel told H-Metro how he rues sending his family back from South Africa:

We had been living together peacefully, and I decided to rent a house for my family in Chivhu.

She does not have a birth certificate, and this made it difficult to continue living with her in South Africa.

I had been returning home every two months, and my wife started cheating on me by inviting several lovers into our matrimonial bedroom.

She would go to her parents in Hwange every time, fearing that neighbours would inform me about her shenanigans. Varume vose varipedo vaipinzwa mumba mangu.

Married Chipo Cheated in Chivhu with Several Men

The dumped married woman coarsely refuted that she was loose:

I am the one who decided to pack my belongings and leave Noel because he believed everything he was told by Mai Fungai [Noel’s sister].

When Noel returned from South Africa, he was fed falsehoods. They accused me of dating Kudakwashe.

Ini handina nhumbu ini, ndezvekwake izvo. I have since moved out and staying with my parents in Hwange. Akatondigonera ndakufurwa nemhepo ndaishaya kuti ndobvasei kumba kwake.

Kudakwashe confirmed dating Patient but feigned ignorance at her marital status:

I was not aware that Patient was married to my brother’s friend Noel. Ndakasangana naye mubhawa ini.

I do not know why Noel accused me only when his wife had several lovers in the hood. He must not bother me over Patient. After all, they have one child together.


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