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Bulawayo's Azanian_Doll Rakes in $7k on Onlyfans

Azanian_doll has already spent some of her Onlyfans earnings on an iPhone and a hotel stay and plans to save for a house and a Maybach

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Nomsa Ndlovu, also known as Azanian_doll, from Bulawayo, has gained over 24,000 followers on Instagram and made $7,000 in a week on Onlyfans, a platform where creators post exclusive content for a monthly fee.

Ndlovu, who used to work as a server, joined Onlyfans after hearing about it from a TikTok video. She struggled at first but was able to grow her social media presence and monetize her content after joining TheGovernor Agency, a South African-based Onlyfans models management agency.

The agency helped her grow her audience on both Instagram and Onlyfans and provided a sexter to manage her account. Ndlovu who is from Bulawayo has also received brand deals and is pursuing a modelling career.

She dismissed criticism of Onlyfans as “noise” and said that she plans to use her earnings to invest in her future, including buying a house and her dream car, a Maybach.

During an interview with Danielle Manzai, a seasoned writer who specializes in creating engaging and informative content on various topics, Nomsa Ndlovu revealed that she first learned about Onlyfans through Tiktok. We present an excerpt from the interview below:

“I was watching this guy on Tiktok. Asking random girls with supercars how they got their luxurious cars. And most of them kept saying Onlyfans.

That’s if it wasn’t their boyfriend’s or parents. Don’t get me wrong here they were other responses like owning a company and great career paths like being a doctor or an influencer.

To which I say “keep representing us ladies”. But I knew that I couldn’t get into that. Most due to my background and financial situation.

“Well, I used to work at a restaurant as a server. I loved my work, my friends and co-workers. But as you might have noticed yourself.

Recently the rate has been exploding. And this really made my salary lose a lot of value. I couldn’t pay general expenses like rent on time.

At least without getting help from my friends and family at the time of quitting my job. I couldn’t even sustain my daily expenses.

And had to eat leftover food at work to save money for more important expenses. And this was not an isolated situation.

My friends too had to do the same. Things got so bad that my parents had to resort to moving back to the rural areas. As they thought it was better.

Danielle Manzai asked Nomsa Ndlovu how she got started with Onlyfans and she explained that she initially tried to do it on her own but quickly realized that she had no experience with making Onlyfans content and had no social media presence. She then came across TheGovernor Agency, which manages 120 models across Africa, and applied to join.

The agency helped her grow her social media presence and provided a sexter to manage her account, taking care of most of the work such as postings, promotions, and messages. Ndlovu also shared that she has been getting brand deals and pursuing her modelling career, which is taking off.

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Nomsa Ndlovu shared that she spends her normal working days going for photoshoots and taking great pictures to send to TheGovernor Agency.

When asked about other Zimbabweans on Onlyfans, Ndlovu stated that she is the only Zimbabwean she knows of who is using the platform, except for a few individuals who tried it before and stopped.

One of them is Zim Rapper Kikky Baddass. She added that public unacceptance in Africa could be a hindrance to the growth of Onlyfans in the region.

Regarding criticisms of Onlyfans being immoral, Ndlovu stated that people already use Instagram for free and that she doesn’t pay heed to the noise. She added that opinions don’t pay her bills or bring food to her table.

Ndlovu also shared that she has already spent some of her Onlyfans earnings on an iPhone and a hotel stay and plans to save for important things like a house and her dream car, a Maybach.

Nomsa Ndlovu’s story has emerged only a few months after Blac Chyna.


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