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Hwinza's Bae Malloti Steals Phone & Cash

Millicent and two accomplices allegedly lured Lecious Chipangura under the guise of purchasing baby clothes and cosmetics.

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Hwinza's Bae Malloti Steals Phone & Cash

Millicent Chimonyo, the girlfriend of renowned Zimdancehall artist Hwinza is accused of stealing an iPhone 13 Pro and a sum of US$2,000 in a recent bizarre incident.

The alleged theft transpired when Millicent, accompanied by two associates, reportedly lured the complainant, Lecious Chipangura, under the false pretence of purchasing baby clothes and cosmetics.

Hwinza’s Bae Malloti Steals Clothing

Known to Chipangura as an individual who often carries cash, Millicent and her accomplices coerced him into a Nissan Note and drove him out of town.

As the situation escalated, Chipangura resisted, prompting Millicent and her associates to resort to physical violence.

They assaulted Chipangura, forcibly seizing his possessions during the altercation.

Once inside the Nissan Note, owned and driven by Millicent, she and her two accomplices drove out of town, with Chipangura resisting the move.

Hwinza's Bae Malloti Steals Phone & Cash

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The incident turned darker when Millicent stopped the vehicle along Simon Mazorodze Road.

Exiting the car, she physically assaulted Chipangura by grabbing his private parts while her associates searched.

Millicent Chimonyo appeared in court and opted to represent herself. She has been remanded in custody pending a bail application as the legal process unfolds.

In September, after an interview with DJ Ollah, Chimonyo shared that she was arrested in her car.

Is the Bae Malloti-Hwinza & Mtoriro Drama Staged?

The lady faced charges of theft from a certain Douglas Dumbura. It was alleged that she stole from the man’s shop together with eight accomplices.

They allegedly stole 56 men’s jeans, 22 pairs of jogger pants, 20 summer shirts, 49 T-shirts, and 35 pairs of sneakers.

Magistrate Dennis Mangosi later released her on a $100 bail.


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