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Woman Gives Birth in Kombi

"On our way to the hospital, I suddenly felt the baby coming. I was shocked and scared at the same time" - Mrs Chitsa

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Woman Gives Birth in Kombi

A woman from Dangamvura in Mutare had an unexpected adventure during her kombi ride through the city on Wednesday morning.

Patricia Chitsa, who was on her way to Sakubva District Hospital for a routine antenatal check-up, ended up giving birth to a baby boy in the packed city-bound kombi.

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Chitsa’s son, Tawanda, made his entrance just a few minutes into the journey. Her husband, Knowledge Nyasha, shared that the kombi crew and passengers, including a pre-teen girl, stepped in to assist with the impromptu delivery near Sakubva swimming pool.

The pre-teen, who was on her way to holiday lessons, helped deliver the baby and handed him to Ms Chitsa, much to the joy of fellow passengers and onlookers.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the delivery went smoothly. Tawanda is Ms Chitsa’s third child.

Inside the kombi, some cleaning was needed after the improvised delivery room, and the crew took care of it by throwing soil into the vehicle.

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When The Manica Post interviewed Ms. Chitsa at Sakubva District Hospital later, she shared her dramatic experience.

She mentioned being two months away from her expected delivery date and never anticipated going into labor that day.

Woman Gives Birth in Kombi

Ms. Chitsa recounted feeling contractions along the way and realizing she was going into labor. She called for help, prompting other passengers to alert the driver to stop the vehicle.

The kombi crew, known as the “Yellowbone” team, diverted to rush Ms. Chitsa and her newborn baby to Sakubva District Hospital, where both were pronounced healthy.

“I was feeling unwell and wanted to see a doctor. I never thought that I would deliver the baby that morning. I thought they would attend to me at the hospital, allow me to go back home and wait for delivery in February.

On our way to the hospital, I suddenly felt the baby coming. I was shocked and scared at the same time. I asked for help. The other passengers were very kind, and they asked the driver to stop the vehicle.”

Ms. Chitsa expressed her joy when her baby was pronounced healthy at the hospital, and Mr. Nyasa also expressed gratitude to the kombi crew and passengers for assisting in the unexpected delivery.


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