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Winky D Shuts Down Harare in Style

The Gaffa marked two decades in the music scene with a sold-out New Year’s Eve show at the HICC

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Winky D Shuts Down Harare in Style

Zimdancehall icon Winky D has hit back at Holy Ten, the self-proclaimed leader of the youth, addressing the ban on his songs by Zimbabwe’s radio stations and delving into the controversy surrounding the August 23/24, 2023 elections in a new song.

Holy Ten Regrets ‘Picking a Side' by Working with Winky D

Winky D marked two decades in the music scene with a sold-out New Year’s Eve show at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC).

Known as The Gaffa, the multi-award-winning artist treated his dedicated fanbase to an unforgettable night, unveiling his much-anticipated follow-up to Eureka Eureka, titled Ghettocracy Score.

While Winky D belted out hits from his previous albums, it’s not just his flawless performance that has set social media abuzz.

It’s his freestyle, believed to be a sneak peek from Ghettocracy Score, that has caught everyone’s attention.

In the new song, Winky D finally addressed Holy Ten, his collaborator on the controversial track Ibotso.

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Winky D Shuts Down Harare in Style

After the release of Ibotso, Holy Ten distanced himself from Winky D. Holy Ten went on to say that the collaboration with Winky D was a set-up.

He dissed Winky D on radio interviews and even sneak dissed the Zimdancehall veteran on several songs, the latest being We Don’t Do That Here.

ZBC News Reader Distances Self From Station's Censorship of Winky D

Radio stations were directed not to play Winky D’s album Eureka Eureka. Surprisingly, Winky D remained silent, not responding to Holy Ten’s attacks or the radio ban on his music.

Breaking his silence, Winky D has fired back at Holy Ten and addressed the radio ban, as well as sharing his thoughts on the 2023 elections, all in a new song that has ignited a buzz on social media. The powerful lyrics include:

Ndopararira kwese kwese kutsvaga maguta/Umwe oti ndakahwinha umwe woti wakabvuta/Varikuona Mbuya Nehanda varimuguta/Ndakatsikisa dambarefu Eureka Eureka/Paradio voramba voti iro ridza wega/Ndakati vanotora zvevapfupi nekureba/Umwe woiramba hanzi iyo wakaimba wega.


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