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South Africa

Kenny Kunene and Gayton Mckenzie 'Protecting' SA Borders

Kunene and Mckenzie are riding on growing xenophobic anti-foreigner sentiments in Mzansi

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Kenny Kunene and Gayton Mckenzie ‘Protecting' SA Borders

South African politician Kenny Kunene and his Patriotic Alliance members are sending back Zimbabweans attempting to cross the Limpopo River into South Africa.

South Africa Extends ZEP by 2 Years

Some Zimbabweans enter South Africa without proper documentation, either by bribing the security forces at the bridge or using boats or canoes to cross the river.

The river is infested with crocodiles and hippopotamuses, and several people have drowned or been attacked by the animals.

The illegal crossings are driven by Zimbabwe’s economic and political crisis, which has caused high inflation, unemployment, and poverty.

Some people who cross the river illegally are looking for work, business, or social grants in South Africa, while others are smuggling goods.

The South African and Zimbabwean authorities have stepped up their efforts to curb illegal immigration by confiscating the boats, arresting and deporting the border jumpers, and patrolling the border areas.

Kenny Kunene and Gayton Mckenzie ‘Protecting' SA Borders

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However, the unlawful crossings continue, as many Zimbabweans are desperate for a better life in South Africa.

Patriotic Alliance Deputy President and Transport MMC in Johannesburg Kenny Kunene took it upon himself to deal with the illegal border crossings. He took some party members to the Limpopo River to block passage.

In a video circulating on social media, Kunene and his party members blocked some Zimbabweans returning to South Africa from the festive holidays.

ANC Calls for Clean Up of Foreigners in South Africa

Some were using boats, and the Patriotic Alliance was sending them back.

One man braved the river while carrying a bicycle, and Kunene and the team sent him to Zimbabwe.

Xenophobic anti-foreigner sentiments seem to have become a priority issue for South Africans head towards their 2024 elections.

With the SA economy struggling due to currency devaluation, high unemployment among the youth and a frustrating loadshedding schedule, even the ANC (which ironically supports ZANU-PF) is calling for the removal of foreigners.


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