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Hadassah and Chari Fight Infront of Congregants

The dispute revolves around Prophetess Hadassah's vehicle allegedly stolen by Prophet Chari

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Hadassah and Chari Fight Infront of Congregants

Prophet Evidence Chari, faced public humiliation as Prophetess Hadassah Caroline embarrassed and confronted him during a service at Grace Family International Church.

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The dispute revolved around a vehicle allegedly stolen by the church leader, leading to a dramatic confrontation.

Prophetess Hadassah, the founder of the women’s prayer group “Munamato weMudzimai,” hired bouncers to address the congregation during the service named “Record Breaking Friday.”

She passionately demanded the return of her vehicle from Prophet Chari, accusing him of deceitful actions.

“Prophet, what I want is my car only. Why did you block me; is that your character? You are not ashamed to stand in front of this congregation to preach when you are a crook?” she exclaimed, pointing at the bewildered church leader.

As the confrontation intensified, Prophet Chari’s bouncers intervened to hold back Prophetess Hadassah.

Hadassah and Chari Fight Infront of Congregants

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Chaos erupted among the congregation, with onlookers getting involved in the altercation.

Prophet Chari was initially unrepentant and even threatened to fight those making the accusations against him. Chari shouted:

Ndirikukunyudza, wazvinzwa, ndinonzi Evidence ini. Ndinokurovai mese, pachechi pangu pamuri pano apa.”

In a bid to escape the escalating tension, Prophet Chari’s bouncers forcibly ushered him into a getaway vehicle. However, he reportedly later begged Prophetess Hadassah for forgiveness for disappearing with her vehicle.

Despite the chaotic scene, he appealed to the driver to allow Prophetess Hadassah and her parents to join him for a private reconciliation meeting.

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Sources indicate that the two have agreed to settle their differences in Mvuma, the hometown of Prophetess Hadassah’s parents.

When approached for comment, Prophet Chari declined to speak to H-Metro about the embarrassing incident.

The details of the alleged vehicle theft and subsequent confrontation continue to circulate, leaving the church community and the public in anticipation of a resolution in Mvuma.


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