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Cheating Wife Accuses Lover of Rape

Doreen framed her lover Munyaradzi of rape after her hubby discovered the extra-marital affair

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Cheating Wife Accuses Lover of Rape

An attempt to save marriage backfired for a Mutoko woman who faked rape after her husband discovered that she was having an extra-marital affair.

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Doreen Ndamba was sentenced to one year in prison by Mutoko magistrate Chiedza Gatsi on Tuesday.

Gatsi commutted the sentence to community service.

The woman told the court that she wanted to save her marriage after her husband had discovered that she was bedding another man.

Ndamba said:

Your worship, I committed the offence because I wanted to save my marriage since my husband figured out my shenanigans.

Prosecutor Nathan Majuru told the court that on January 14 this year, Ndamba reported a rape case against Munyaradzi Kamwara.

Upon being interviewed by the police, it was discovered that Ndamba had consensual sex with Kamwara since they were lovers.

The police subsequently arrested Ndamba.


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A DOCTOR allegedly turned his surgery into a theatre of nightmares after raping a 13-year-old patient while her aunt waited for her outside the door.

The 58-year-old private doctor based in Binga centre has allegedly turned this idyllic situation upside down after sexually abusing a minor patient (13) at his surgery.

Cheating Wife Accuses Lover of Rape

Doctor Jabulani Dube who runs a surgery at Binga Medical Centre appeared in court facing charges of raping a girl who had gone to his surgery for review, accompanied by her aunt, last Wednesday.

According to the state’s case, the girl went for a review on 7 February at around 9am but Dube rescheduled their appointment to 8:30 pm.

Claiming he needed privacy, the doctor allegedly asked the patient’s aunt to wait outside.

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The prosecution alleged that Dube asked the patient to strip so that he could examine her.

The doctor asked the minor to remove her skin tight and her panties and she complied as she thought that it was part of the examination.

The minor was also asked to open her legs whilst she was waiting to be checked the doctor unzipped his trouser and molested her.

When the child felt something, she screamed which made her aunt to check what was happening only to find out that the doctor was trying to block the minor and the minor ran away.

The court was told the aunt went around looking for the child only to find her at home and she narrated the story which led to Dube’s arrest.

Dube will appear again at the Hwange Magistrate court on 22 February and he remains in custody.


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