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Chadonha Blogger Chidawa Facing Car Theft Charges

Detective Kedha allegedly appropriated a Toyota Hilux double cab from South Africa in December 2022

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Chadonha Blogger Chidawa Facing Car Theft Charges

Life has taken an unexpected turn for Tafadzwa Chidawa, widely known as Detective Kedha on social media, as he finds himself entangled in car theft charges.

Chadonha Cons Caught Live in Action

Detective Kedha gained fame for his viral videos capturing his pursuit and ‘apprehension’ of thieves in the bustling streets of Harare CBD.

The former police officer made a court appearance recently, answering to allegations of stealing a vehicle valued at US$12,000 from South Africa and illicitly bringing it into Zimbabwe.

He has been remanded in custody until Friday when his bail hearing is scheduled. In addition to his legal woes, Detective Kedha is facing two additional pending fraud cases.

Chadonha Blogger Chidawa Facing Car Theft Charges

The prosecution claims that Detective Kedha appropriated a Toyota Hilux double cab from South Africa in December 2022, maneuvering its entry into the country.

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Subsequently, he is accused of orchestrating the fraudulent registration of the vehicle with the Zimbabwean plate number AGE 6745. The vehicle was purportedly sold to Melody Kufakwemba for $12,000.

On January 2 of the following year, detectives intercepted the vehicle while it was being driven by Kufakwemba’s son-in-law.

Upon registration verification, it was revealed that the vehicle had been deceptively registered.

The authorities impounded the vehicle and confirmed its status as stolen from South Africa upon checking with INTERPOL’s international stolen vehicle database.

The second charge alleges that on July 4 of the previous year, Chidawa received US$8,500 from Kufakwemba for the purchase of a Nissan Caravan.

Promising to import the vehicle on her behalf, Detective Kedha failed to deliver.

Later, he persuaded her to provide additional funds to secure a Toyota Hilux.

Anesu Chirenje represented the state during the court proceedings.


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