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Conwoman Exposed by Mpilo Hospital

Sithulisiwe Gambiza asked a trainee nurse aide to record an audio plea for handouts to cover her medical bills.

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Conwoman Exposed by Mpilo Hospital

Mpilo Central Hospital has uncovered the deceitful actions of Sithulisiwe Gambiza, a patient whose recent audio appeal for financial aid went viral on social media.

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Sithulisiwe Gambiza, who claimed to be a chronic patient facing dire circumstances, is now exposed as a well-known conwoman exploiting her alleged illness for financial gain.

According to B-Metro, the saga began when Gambiza, an epileptic patient entitled to free treatment, asked a trainee nurse aide to record an audio plea for handouts to cover her medical bills.

In the viral audio, she appealed for support, citing an accident on January 3 during her journey from Kariba.

She claimed to be without medication or food from the hospital and requested donations to be sent to a nurse named Thato Ncube.

The nurse aide implicated in the scheme was promptly dismissed, and Mpilo Hospital authorities initiated a thorough investigation.

Gambiza underwent a scan at United Bulawayo Hospitals to evaluate the alleged injuries from the accident.

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However, medical records revealed that she had been attended at Sally Mugabe Hospital on January 12 and later presented at Mpilo on January 17, complaining of fractures in her right hand.

Conwoman Exposed by Mpilo Hospital

Matron Phineas Sithole, the principal nursing officer at Mpilo, stated that the scan results demonstrated Gambiza’s good health and debunked her claims of recent injuries. She said:

The results came out, and it’s clear that the patient was never sick, but she was faking pain. When she came here she claimed that she could not walk as her spinal cord had challenges.

Further investigations revealed that she had been faking her inability to walk, as she miraculously started walking perfectly after the scan.

Upon further investigations, we also discussed that she faked not being able to walk as she started walking perfectly after the scan. Doctors then discharged her as she was in perfect health and that is how we heard that she is a well-known manipulator.

Gambiza’s family also confirmed her penchant for such manipulative stunts to extract money from public health institutions.

Her mother, grandmother, and cousin visited her and told us that she likes pulling such stunts in public hospitals to get money.

Her family also revealed that she was never involved in an accident as she purported.

Matron Sithole expressed disappointment at the tarnished image of the hospital due to the viral audio, emphasizing Mpilo’s commitment to providing genuine medical care.

Professor Solwayo Ngwenya, the clinical director, warned of stern action against those who exploit important matters, urging patients with genuine medical conditions to seek proper care without resorting to deception.


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