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Prophet Chari Accused of Assaulting Prophetess Haddasah

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Prophet Chari Accused of Assaulting Prophetess Haddasah

Prophet Evidence Chari made an appearance in court on Friday following his arrest for assaulting Prophetess Haddasah Caroline Roberts.

Hadassah and Chari Fight Infront of Congregants

This development came as a surprise, as previous reports indicated that Evidence Chari and Prophetess Hadassah Caroline had smoked the peace pipes days after their highly publicised confrontation.

According to a report by H-Metro, Chari recounted that Prophetess Hadassah had initiated a peace meeting in Harare’s Central Business District.

During the meeting, she apologized for confronting and publicly embarrassing him in front of his congregation.

I delayed shooting live video about my issue with Prophetess Hadassah because of the meeting she called for. She apologised for what she did considering that I looked after her and her relatives in my mansion.”

He further elaborated that he had been the one driving the vehicle involved in the accident, which was insured under his name.

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Prophetess Hadassah had received compensation following the accident, which nearly cost him his life.

Prophet Chari Accused of Assaulting Prophetess Haddasah

Chari expressed his astonishment that she was now seeking additional compensation.

“I drove her vehicle since my family had accommodated them and we were living as one family. The vehicle was insured in my name and the Prophetess got compensation following the accident that nearly took my life. I do not know what other compensation she is looking for from me.”

Prophet Chari informed his followers that Prophetess Hadassah had separated from her husband to live with a pastor based in South Africa.

However, Prophetess Hadassah neither confirmed nor denied these statements, citing threats and the fear of being exposed if she continued to engage in a public dispute with the prophet.

Now, Evidence Chari has appeared before Harare magistrate Gamuchirai Gore, who remanded him out of custody to Monday.


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