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Wife Says Hubby Suffocates Her During Tlof Tlof

“Changamire kubata, vanobata. Munhu anokutsitsirira zvekuti haufeme” - Wife

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Wife Says Hubby Suffocates Her During Tlof Tlof

A viral video of a man airing out his frustrations about his wife’s lack of skills in the bedroom has sent social media buzzing.

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In the video, the man, who seems to be in a traditional court known as Dare raMambo in Shona, is shedding light on why he has lost interest in being intimate with his wife.

Angry and frustrated, the unidentified man explains to the court attendees that he tried everything he could at the beginning of their marriage.

He was determined to fulfil his wife’s conjugal rights, but over time, his enthusiasm waned.

He compares the experience of making love to his wife to making love to a log.

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He confesses that he used to suggest different things to his wife, hoping to ignite their passion, but eventually gave up due to her lack of interest in trying new things.

Feeling exasperated by his wife’s lack of skill in the bedroom, the man decided to bring the matter to the village’s traditional court.

Wife Says Hubby Suffocates Her During Tlof Tlof

Ndakambotryer pamazuva ekutanga kudzamara ndanyatsoona kuti ndirikuita bonde nedanda. Mukadzi unotoita wekutodhonza kuti ‘Shamwari ngatioitewo zvakati,' dzamara ini papfungwawo dzangu zvabuda. Ndasiyana nazvo,” the man vented his frustrations in public.

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In her defence, the wife acknowledged that her husband satisfies her but complained that he suffocates her to the point where she can’t breathe during intercourse.

Changamire kubata, vanobata. Munhu anokutsitsirira zvekuti haufeme,” the woman said, causing the entire court to burst into laughter.


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