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Church Founder in Scandalous Divorce

Consilia accused Shumba of multiple instances of adultery and claimed that he often publicly accused her of being promiscuous

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Church Founder in Scandalous Divorce

The founder of World Harvest Ministries, Frederick Shumba, is currently going through a divorce with his wife, Consilia Shumba, after 32 years of marriage.

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Consilia filed for divorce at the High Court, stating that their marriage had irretrievably broken down. Justice Fatima Maxwell granted her a divorce decree.

In her court documents, Consilia accused Shumba of multiple instances of adultery and claimed that he often publicly accused her of being promiscuous.

She also mentioned that Shumba accused her of attempting to kill him on three separate occasions.

According to the divorce summons, the couple was married on September 7, 1991, under the Marriage Act (Chapter 5:11), and they have three children.

Consilia initiated the divorce proceedings on August 27, 2019, citing adultery, cruelty, and desertion by Shumba.

She said Shumba committed adultery with several women. Consilia stated that Frederick deserted her for over three years and declared in front of his brothers and sisters, that he no longer loved her and had “divorced” her.

Church Founder in Scandalous Divorce

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Consilia proposed a distribution plan for the assets acquired during their marriage and requested that each party bear its own costs.

She alleged that Shumba tried to exclude her from their marriage assets by creating a trust in his name without her consent.

Consilia demanded the allocation of the matrimonial home in Norton, as well as stands in Norton and Gweru.

She suggested that Shumba be awarded a house in Poorle Road, Twinlakes, Norton, and a commercial stand for lodges in Kariba.

Consilia argued that she should receive a fair share of the assets, considering their joint efforts in acquiring wealth.

She claimed that they started a car sale business together before Shumba left his job to become a full-time pastor, requesting her to quit her job to support him.

In response, Shumba contended that the assets belonged to the church and were not available for distribution.

He emphasized that the six-hectare agricultural plot in Norton was State land and not subject to distribution.

Justice Maxwell granted Consilia a stand in Norton as her sole and exclusive property, while Shumba was awarded a commercial stand in Kariba.


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