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Burnt Human Remains Found in Westlea

There were some ashes and wires of burnt tyres suspected to have been used to burn the body

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Burnt Human Remains Found in Westlea

Harare – Burnt human remains were found in Westlea on Good Friday.

A skull, spinal cord and some bones, believed to be of an adult person, were found by a Westlea Nursery Gardens caretaker who had gone to relieve himself.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the case. Chakanza said:

Police are investigating a case involving burnt human remains recovered at a wetland in Westlea.

On March 29, at around 1530 hours, the informant walked for about approximately 100 metres from his work place into the wetland to relieve himself.

He entered into the grassland for privacy and that is when he discovered burnt human remains of an adult person.

At the scene, it was observed that there was burnt human skull and spinal cord and bones.

It was also discovered that there were some ashes and wires of burnt tyres suspected to have been used to burn the body.

Investigations are in progress.


An 18-month-old toddler drowned in a well at a church in Harare, while the mother was attending a service during the Easter Holiday.

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Burnt Human Remains Found in Westlea

In a post on X, the child drowned in an uncovered well on Saturday and has urged parents to be more careful.

The ZRP is investigating a sad incident which occurred at a church on 30/03/24 in which an 18-month-old infant drowned in an uncovered well while the victim’s mother was attending a church service in Tafara, Harare.

Parents are urged to consider and put their children’s safety first.


A man, who was caught in possession of two black cobras, which were tucked away in a satchel, in the Kwekwe CBD, has said he will ‘reunite’ with his deadly snakes when he returns home in Gokwe.

The snakes were taken by officials from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority but Polite Ncube, (26), says he will ‘reunite’ with his cobras once he returns home.

He appeared in court in Kwekwe and was charged with contravening the Parks and Wildlife Act after being caught in possession of the two black cobras.


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