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Wife Stops Hubby's Secret Wedding with Small House

Mandlenkosi Mabhena was about to exchange vows with his secret lover, Maluleka Solani at the Magistrate's court when chaos erupted.

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Wife Stops Hubby's Secret Wedding with Small House

There was drama in court recently after a wife stormed Bulawayo Civil Court and stopped her husband’s secret wedding with another woman.

This incident unfolded when the husband, having deceived his wife by falsely claiming he was going for a meeting, attempted to marry his mistress behind her back.

Mandlenkosi Mabhena, 45, hailing from Emganwini suburb, was on the brink of exchanging vows with his secret lover, Maluleka Solani from Ntabazinduna, before Magistrate Makelo Ncube when chaos erupted.

According to B-Metro, his wife, identified as T Ncube, raised objections to the marriage, asserting that she and the groom, Mandlenkosi Mabhena, were customarily married.

She explained that he paid for her lobola in 2012. She argued that for Mabhena to marry another woman, he would first need to formally dissolve their customary union through a divorce process.

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Wife Stops Hubby's Secret Wedding with Small House

I object to this marriage. Mabhena and I are customarily married. He fulfilled the lobola obligations in 2012.

To marry another woman, he must first formally dissolve our customary union through a divorce process, including the payment of a divorce token.

Additionally, we need to address the issue of our children’s paternity.

Expressing her fury, Ncube revealed that they were still living together as husband and wife.

She also revealed that he had deceived her by claiming he was going for a meeting when he left home, only for her to later discover his intention to marry another woman without her knowledge or consent.

We live together, and when schools are open, he will be away, and he returns home when schools are closed. He left this morning claiming to attend a meeting.

Mabhena, however, contested her claims, denying any such understanding and refuting her assertions about his morning departure.

I object to what she says. We have differences in our marriage. She is lying, and when I left in the morning, I never said I was attending a meeting.

In a decisive ruling, Magistrate Ncube cancelled the wedding. Magistrate Makelo Ncube affirmed that Mabhena was still bound by his customary marriage to Ncube, emphasizing the absence of a formal separation or divorce process.

He stressed the court’s authority to withhold a marriage license under such circumstances, highlighting the gravity of marriage as a sacred institution.


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