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Hubby Stabs Ford Ranger Driver who Flirt with His Wife

Ncube arrived driving a Ford Ranger, parked near Siziba’s wife and started talking to her

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Hubby Stabs Ford Ranger Driver who Flirt with His Wife

A shocking incident unfolded at the Lupane long-distance bus terminus when a man was brutally stabbed multiple times for allegedly proposing to a woman in the presence of her husband.

The victim, identified as Mr. Makesure Ncube, is currently fighting for his life in a hospital as a result of the attack.

The altercation took place as Ncube reportedly approached Ms. Siminyeni Ndlovu, who was seated under a tree alongside her husband, Sibangani Siziba, their son Ethan Siziba, and Siziba’s mother, Ms. Maria Dube.

Ncube initiated a conversation with Ms. Ndlovu before parking his vehicle approximately 50 meters away from the group.

According to Chronicle, this action allegedly triggered a hostile reaction from Siziba, who armed himself with an okapi knife and pursued Ncube, ultimately stabbing him multiple times.

Following the incident, Siziba, a resident of Ndamuleni village, was taken into custody on charges of attempted murder.

Hubby Stabs Ford Ranger Driver who Flirt with His Wife

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He recently appeared before Lupane resident magistrate Ms. Barbara Ntabile Phiri.

During the court proceedings, Siziba was not required to enter a plea and was remanded in custody until Thursday.

He is scheduled to appear at the Hwange Regional Court for a routine remand hearing. Magistrate Phiri advised Siziba to seek bail through the High Court.

Providing details of the incident, the prosecutor, Ms. Zandile Laureen Ndebele, indicated that the violent attack occurred on March 13th.

The court was told:

The accused arrived at the Lupane Business Centre in the company of his wife Ms Siminyeni Ndlovu, son Ethan Siziba and mother Ms Maria Dube. They sat under a tree waiting to board a bus to Bulawayo. The complainant arrived driving a Ford Ranger vehicle, parked near the tree and started talking to the accused’s wife before he then drove and parked 50 metres away. This did not go down well with the accused person who then advanced towards the complainant armed with an okapi knife.”

In an attempt to defend himself, Mr. Ncube purportedly bit Siziba on the ear and chest during the struggle then Siziba struck him with a stone, causing him to collapse.

Siziba’s son intervened and restrained his father.


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