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Murambatsvina 2.1 Coming to Mabelreign Suburb

Mabelreign residents are bracing themselves for the devastating impact of forced evictions and property demolitions

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Murambatsvina 2.1 Coming to Mabelreign Suburb

In a distressing turn of events reminiscent of the infamous Murambatsvina campaign of 2005, hundreds of houses in Harare’s Mabelreign suburb are facing imminent demolition due to illegal construction on State land.

The news of the impending demolitions emerged during a tense meeting between Minister Winston Chitando and Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume.

The revelation has sparked fear and anxiety among residents, bringing back traumatic memories of the devastating Murambatsvina operation nearly two decades ago.

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Murambatsvina, which translates to “getting rid of the filth,” was a government-led clean-up campaign launched on May 25, 2005, under the guise of “Operation Restore Order.”

The initiative aimed to enforce municipal bylaws by removing illegal structures, informal vending stalls, and unauthorized settlements across Zimbabwe.

Murambatsvina 2.1 Coming to Mabelreign Suburb

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However, the operation quickly escalated into a humanitarian crisis as authorities resorted to burning, bulldozing, and demolishing tens of thousands of properties, including homes and businesses in densely populated shantytowns.

The indiscriminate destruction left countless families homeless and deprived many of their livelihoods overnight.

The consequences of Murambatsvina were far-reaching, exacerbating the plight of Zimbabwe’s urban poor and exacerbating the already dire economic conditions in the country.

Now, with the specter of Murambatsvina looming once again over Mabelreign, residents are bracing themselves for the devastating impact of forced evictions and property demolitions.

The prospect of losing their homes and livelihoods has reignited fears of displacement and uncertainty, echoing the trauma experienced during the 2005 clean-up campaign.

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As authorities move forward with plans to demolish illegal structures in Mabelreign, concerns are mounting over the humanitarian implications of such actions.

Many are calling for more compassionate and sustainable solutions to address housing challenges and urban development issues, emphasizing the need to uphold the rights and dignity of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable members of society.


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