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Olinda Steps in After Wicknell Snubbed Greatman

Greatman who has mobility challenges initially appealed for a wheelchair to Chivhayo but was ignored

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Olinda Steps in After Wicknell Snubbed Greatman

Olinda Chapel-Nkomo, based in England, has answered the heartfelt plea of musician Greatman by generously purchasing a state-of-the-art electric wheelchair for him, significantly improving his mobility.

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Greatman, who faces challenges in moving around due to his disability, initially appealed to flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivhayo for assistance.

Unfortunately, his plea went unanswered, but thanks to the intervention of other social media influencers, the right ears caught wind of his need.

This afternoon, Olinda Chapel shared screenshots of the ordered electric wheelchair, highlighting its specifications and price, along with confirmation of the payment made by the compassionate socialite.

In her post, Olinda expressed her hope that the wheelchair would significantly enhance Greatman’s daily life, making it more manageable.

Olinda Steps in After Wicknell Snubbed Greatman

Greatman, in turn, shared the post, expressing his deep gratitude for this life-changing gift.

On February 9th, Greatman took to Facebook, earnestly pleading with Wicknell Chivhayo to provide him with an electric wheelchair.

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This plea followed Chivhayo’s generous gifting of luxury cars to various singers and celebrities who supported the ruling party.

In his heartfelt post, Greatman likened the electric wheelchair to a car, emphasizing that it serves as his legs, facilitating his day-to-day activities.

He explained how crucial the wheelchair is for his mobility and sought the assistance of his followers to amplify his message to the businessman.

Following Greatman’s impassioned plea, numerous individuals tagged Wicknell Chivhayo on social media, urging him to assist the struggling musician.

Meanwhile, some well-wishers encouraged fans and followers to contribute to the purchase of the electric wheelchair.

Wicknell Exposed in Olinda Chapel Rant

Greatman’s account details were shared, prompting an outpouring of support from compassionate Zimbabweans who generously donated.

The singer expressed his gratitude, revealing that fans had raised over $400 to aid in acquiring the wheelchair.

Greatman went on to express his desire for further donations, envisioning a future where he can obtain a small car, alleviating the challenges he faces while using public transport in his wheelchair.


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