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Tahle We Dzinza Speaks on NAMA Winning Video

The song 'Damage' has a video but was not on YouTube; instead, it is available on other streaming sites.

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Tahle We Dzinza Speaks on NAMA Winning Video

Zimbabwean musician Tahle We Dzinza has finally broken her silence after facing backlash over NAMA award.

The recent National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) ceremony stirred controversy and criticism after it was revealed that Tahle We Dzinza was awarded the Video of the Year accolade for her song ‘Damage’ that does not have an accompanying music video.

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However, it turned out that the song has a video but was not on YouTube; instead, it is available on other streaming sites.

Despite not having reached significant visibility on platforms like YouTube, Tahle’s song titled ‘Damage’ unexpectedly clinched the award.

This surprising turn of events sparked controversy and raised questions about the transparency and credibility of the NAMA selection process.

Tahle Wedzinza issued a statement regarding the NAMA award issue.

Tahle We Dzinza, through her management, said the winning video that received the NAMA award was not submitted by her but by film producer Jonathan Samukange.

They clarified that the video in question was submitted by the video director, and it was the video director who ultimately won the music video award.

Tahle We Dzinza has always collaborated with other artists.

The application in question was submitted by the film producer Jonathan Samukange in his capacity as a film maker and not by Tahle We Dzinza in her capacity as a musician.

This is not the first time that artists have approached us to use Tahle’s music to show case their skill and craft.

Tahle Wedzinza stated that on the day of the NAMA awards, Jonathan Samukange is the one who received the award in his capacity as a film director.

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The award in essence was awarded to Jonathan Samukange for the direction of the music video.

This is the reason for those who watched the NAMA’s, Jonathan Samukange of DreamHaus received the award in his capacity as a film director as he was the applicant not Tahle We Dzinza.

The NAMA award is not hers and she never accepted it.

Tahle We Dzinza Speaks on NAMA Winning Video


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During her court appearance, Bgoya pleaded guilty to two charges of theft. She was convicted of theft and fined US$100 by Harare magistrate Mr Gamuchirai Gore.

Regarding the second charge, Bgoya received a one-month prison sentence, which was fully suspended on the condition that she repay Food Lover’s Market US$28.

The complainant in this case was Food Lover’s Market Avondale, represented by their internal security officer, Mr Nurse Chiweshe.

The court heard that on February 21 at approximately 11:46 am, Bgoya walked into Food Lover’s Market, took a 750ml bottle of Malibu Liquor from the shelf, hid it inside her handbag and left the store unnoticed.

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A few days later, on February 24 around 5:30 pm, Bgoya visited the same shop and repeated her actions by hiding a 750ml bottle of Beefeater London Strawberry wine in her maroon handbag.

Her actions were captured on the store’s CCTV footage, which was being monitored by Chiweshe. Chiweshe promptly followed Bgoya outside the store and apprehended her.

The total value of the stolen items amounted to US$57, with only US$28 being recovered.


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