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ED Praise Singer Dhuterere Unwell

He receives calls from the First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, inquiring about his health and inviting him to dinner

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ED Praise Singer Dhuterere Unwell

Mambo Dhuterere disclosed that he has been unwell since May last and that Zanu-PF has been taking care of his medical expenses and daily needs.

He mentioned that he receives calls from the First Lady, Auxillia Mnangagwa, inquiring about his health and inviting him to dinner.

Additionally, he stays in regular contact with President Mnangagwa’s children, Sean and Collins.

In light of what Zanu-PF has already done for him, Dhuterere said asking for a car would be selfish.

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However, he emphasised that if Zanu-PF or Wicknell Chivayo decided to gift him a vehicle, it would be entirely their choice, not because he requested for one. He expressed that he does not feel entitled to a car from Zanu-PF.

l haven’t been feeling well for a while and they have been taking care of bills kumba neku chipatara from 3 months b4 elections till now which wasn’t part of the deal but from their hearts…imagine receiving call from First Lady asking mwanangu how are you? Come kumba for dinner when free. messages from Sean & Collins, morning my brother, evening my brother… kukumbira mota will be so selfish. ZANU PF nor Sir Wicknell is owing us nothing! Kutipa mota will entirely from moyo wavo it’s not a must, l don’t think pane anyone from my team anga gunu’nuna kana aripo ngaataure akazvimiririra.. some might not like my decision doing jingles for politics but believe me the guys l worked with were so loving and caring to the whole crew, still being concerned several months after.”

ED Praise Singer Dhuterere Unwell

In an earlier post, Dhuterere had said:

Hanzi Mambo vakumbira pa chikuru 😄 Truly speaking l will be so so ungrateful. We were paid 10 times mari yanga tachaja kusvika kumuridzi wema beat.. l heard he bought himself and the guy waakauya naye new cars, ini ndoo pane yandakatengera madam combi. Astrue Muziq bought his first ever car from that, the deal was 1 jingle but we end up tavapa 2 to show our gratitude & report ikauya ichiti the bonus ndoo favourite ya H.E😄..”


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