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Muzembi Supports Gono's Calls for Commission of Enquiry

Mutsvangwa alleges that Zimbabwe's gold reserves were stolen in a botched deal by an RBZ governor during Mugabe's tenure

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Muzembi Supports Gono's Calls for Commission of Enquiry

Former cabinet minister in Robert Mugabe's government, Dr Walter Muzembi has put his weight behind calls by former RBZ Governor Dr Gideon Gono that the president must set up a Commission of Enquiry to investigate claims raised by ZANU PF spokesperson Chris Mutsvangwa.

Mutsvangwa in a press conference raised allegations that the nation's gold reserves were stolen by the Arabs in a botched deal initiated by a former RBZ governor with the full knowledge of then president Robert Mugabe.

Below is Muzembi's statement:

In view of Dr Gideon Gono' s rebuttal of Chris Mutsvangwa ZANUPF Chief Spokesperson's aspersions, innuendo and allegations against an unnamed Governor under President Robert Mugabe's tenure with reference to the disappearance of Gold from the Central Bank, I implore President ED Mnangagwa [set up a commission of enquiry] inorder to put this matter to closure in the public interest and to follow up as follows; 

1. That the Commission of Enquiry suggested by Dr Gono in terms of Commission of Enquiry Act (Chapter 10:07) be instituted as a matter of urgency to assist in restoring people's confidence in the National Bank and clear these damning allegations.

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Muzembi Supports Gono's Calls for Commission of Enquiry

2. In the interest of Zanu PF as a Governing Party and its integrity bring closure to this matter because of the level at which these allegations have been raised and the far reaching implications they have not only on the Ruling Party but the wider economy and international interest.  

3. Inevitably, failure to do so will seriously erode and undermine New Currency efforts (ZiG) by the new Governor of the Central Bank. As it stands, the reputation of all past serving Central Bank Governors and Ministers of Finance and past President Mugabe has been put to question.

4. In addition, a Foreign Sovreign Nation's reputation has also been drawn into this controversy. It is in the national interest and public trust to clear this matter.

5. In the event that the Commission of Enquiry begged for by Dr Gono is not instituted, Chris Mutsvangwa should publicly and officially apologise and withdraw his damning allegations.

Dr Walter Muzembi


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