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Self-styled Prophet Molests Male Neighbour

He played adult videos on his phone and began touching the complainant’s manhood

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Self-styled Prophet Molests Male Neighbour

A 35-year-old member of an apostolic sect from Chief Seke’s area in Dema has been convicted of indecent assault after luring his male neighbour to his house under false pretences and forcing him to touch his privates.

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On the 1st of February 2024, the accused, claiming to have had a spiritual vision about the complainant, approached him, insisting he needed to pray for him. Believing the ruse, the complainant agreed and accompanied the accused to his house.

Once inside, the accused ordered the complainant to sit on the bed. He then played adult videos on his phone and began touching the complainant’s manhood. When the complainant questioned these actions, he was told to remain silent.

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Self-styled Prophet Molests Male Neighbour

The accused forcibly took the complainant’s hand and placed it on his manhood but the complainant removed it. Despite the complainant’s resistance, the accused then removed his clothes and began rubbing his genitals against the complainant’s, while also attempting to pull down the complainant’s shorts. The accused then placed his genitals between the complainant’s thighs.

He only stopped when the complainant’s phone rang. Seizing the moment, the complainant grabbed the house keys from the floor, unlocked the door, and fled. The accused followed him, instructing him to lie to his mother about their activities. Once home, the distressed complainant recounted the entire ordeal to his mother.

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The accused was convicted of indecent assault when she appeared before the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court. His sentencing is scheduled for June 10.


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