pregnant women
pregnant women

Pregnant women have been asked to bring their own fuel when they come for childbirth.

The fuel will be used in generators as the ongoing load-shedding in the country reaches another level making it difficult for Hospitals to cope up with electricity blackouts which are averaging 18 hours a day.

According to the Health Times, this situation is taking place in Mashonaland west as pregnant women have also been told to bring their own medical supplies such as syringes, gloves to be used during childbirth.

A source who spoke to the Health Times said, Women in some health facilities in Mashonaland West are made to buy all sundries which they cannot afford and in some facilities are made to bring two litres of diesel when coming for delivery. The fuel is meant for generators in case the electricity goes and one is in need of surgery.

The publication goes on to note that some municipal and district clinics resorted to using candles during deliveries due to the load shedding.


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