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Citizen Manifesto Calls for Broad-Based Dialogue Inclusive National Dialogue

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The Citizen manifesto has released a statement calling for broad-based inclusive national dialogue as the basis for a viable way forward for the country.

The citizen manifesto notes with grave concern the continued collapse of the Zimbabwean economy and the social crisis caused by the deterioration in the standards of living of the citizen due to the erosion of incomes by incessant price hikes, coupled with attempts by the authorities to close the space for workers' collective bargaining. Repeated calls for the authorities to close the space for workers collective bargaining.

The citizen manifesto in their press release has proposed a framework for an inclusive national framework dialogue, underpinned by the following eight conditions:

1 Inclusivity

2 Informed Participation

3 Safety and security

4 Neutral and Credible Convening

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5 Technically Competent facilitation

6 People Centred Agenda

7 International Medication and Guarantee

8Indipendent monitoring

However the citizen manifesto recognises the urgency of the national crisis and incessant attacks on citizen's livelihoods and basics dignity, They emphasize the need to restrain from presenting solutions which skirt around the wholesale brokenness of the system.

Below is the press statement:

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