Your Man- Garry Mapanzure Lyrics

Love is a beautiful thing, it is a sunny place where no darkness can ever reach. Everyone has their different way of expressing it. Some express it through poems and others through love quotes , but most people feel its touch in music, as they can fall in love with the lyrics.  This is just how powerful music is as a medium.


Have you ever imagined what it feels like to listen to the best love songs with your loved one sitting right next to you or rather listening to them sing a love song for  you? I bet most of us will have butterflies by just imagining it. This is the same feeling l had the first time I listened to Garry’s ‘Your Man’.


After dropping two bombshells ‘TV Room’ ( a collaboration with Hillzy released in February) and ‘Slow’ (a Single released in April) this year,  the 21 year old rising Zimbabwean RnB and Afro Pop artist Garry Mapanzure found his way again in winning many hearts with another new single ‘Your Man’



‘Your Man’ is an RnB song which was released in August this year and has brought great attention to the Garry Mapanzure brand. This is because the video’s appealing visuals  (the scenic locations, fashion sense, slight dance moves, female lead and great colours) have made the romantic song to become indispensable in the lovers’ playlists.


With such hit making singles the Zimbabwean/China based RnB and Afro Pop artist seems to have made it big in life. And with such vigour and passion his future is  promising with no doubts that he will become a love ‘Guru’  and an inspiration to many RnB and Afro Pop upcoming artists.


Now ladies imagine waking up with love knocking at your doorstep or beside you. Trust me you feel like you are over the moon. To do this follow the link below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest updates on romantic songs that will blow you away and make you feel like there is no tomorrow.

See the lyrics to this song here.

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