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Xenophobia Toolkit

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Hang around, keep updated on the latest developments…follow news and social groups.

Carry your documents, have photocopies and map your way out.

Avoid the CBD, no unnecessary travels. Avoid trouble spots, taxis risky at this juncture…try Uber and Taxify never mind the costs…its better to save your life mari inouya imwe.

If there is trouble, stay at home, inform your employers- they will understand.

Have police contacts on your phone, always communicate with friends and relatives!

Have an exit plan: Noone knows for how long this will last. Even those with permits are not safe either. Your employers are being put under pressure, you don't know what they are planning!

Coming back to Zim? Tough but no option. Assess your situation, are you safe? Assess your neighbors…are they speaking in hushed tones?

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Should you decide to come- don't try and bring all your belongings (beds, wardrobes, drawers, sofas etc). Just carry the basics….avoid attracting attention…I hondo iyi!

Xenophobia patterns: The xenophobia teams seem to follow certain times- Sunday and Mondays, assess developments in your area.

Your place not visited yet? It doesn't mean they will not come…just be vigilant.

written by Victor Munemo


Victor Munemo is the founder of Zim Businesses Ideas and Network. An author, entrepreneur and business consultant. Website and Facebook Page: Zim Business Ideas and Network.



Social writer and digital marketing personnel.

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