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“Its not me” says Vimbai Zimuto

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Late this week have been circulating a picture of a woman nude to the toe posing for a picture in a doggy style position with a guy “unidentified” looking like he is “hitting it” and she is an outmost a look-alike of Vimbai Zimuto.

Link to the pictures :


The picture is followed by an erotic video.

“It not me but she is beautiful though,” said Vimbai Zimuto on her facebook page rejecting that it was not her in the picture.

Vimbai Zimuto is popularly known for her juicy well managed nude picture and song Hapana Kwaunoenda which was an erotic song both to the eye and the ear hence it was easy to pin it on her.

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A follower of Vimbai On facebook defended her saying “Vimbai haana ma tattoos plus ma locs ake aren't that thick. That's not her in those pics. Kufanana chete”  and “Actually she is your spitting image, your own shadow lol”

Vimbai ‘s fans seem to know her, every part of her that they can distinguish. One fan who had not seen the video commented that “Riripi tirivhete coz I know Vimbai Zimuto in and out kkkkk” relating to the video.

Vimbai is an original both in her pictures and voice.

Questions still pounder on the public's gossip platforms of who it is, might it be an upcoming competition for our curvy Vimbai or just another licked musvo videos


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