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Get A Free Venue At Moto Publik

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Moto Republik is offering its venue for free to creative and media startups, arts organisations and youth groups as a way of supporting them.


It is a company with a co-working space for creatives, office space for young start-up organisations, a workshop room and an events venue.


Moto RepublikA member of Moto Republik Mr Munya Bloggo (@MunyaBloggo on Twitter) said they are providing the free venue as a way to encourage young startups to grow.


“We understand that things are tough and not a lot of people cannot afford or do not have spaces where they can create or teach or even learn so we are offering our space for this to happen.


“We aren't taking any established organisations just the really young startups and hopefully this will give them a push in the right direction.”


The company fosters a vibrant community of young creatives, citizen journalists, techies and youth activists with a focus on co-creation, mentorship and free expression. Moto Republik aims to encourage a community that is participatory. They are also a space for cool new alternative media.

Moto Republik was born from an idea: that young people in Zimbabwe need a space where they can meet, collaborate and dream big.

 To this end, they promote an economy that puts people over profit and embodies a society that is sustainable and green.

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The organisation has hosted over 4,000 young people at its events, incubated dozens of creative start-ups, is a host to many of Zimbabwe’s leading creative and media organisations and is home to 50 young creative entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Moto Republik is brought to you by Magamba Network Zimbabwe’s leading creative organisation.


However, Moto Republik also provides event management for organisations and companies looking to host a cutting edge talk, launch or event at their vibrant hub.

Learn more about the Moto Republik on their website and on Twitter

Below is a flier advertising the free Moto Republik Venue. 

Moto Republik offers free venue

This will be a welcome development for startups and other organisations who are having to operate in an environment where the prices of goods are rising on a regular basis and the local RTGS$ currency is losing value against the United States Dollar almost on a daily basis.

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