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Harare City Council Receives Seven Days Worth of Chemical Supplies

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Harare City Council has received supplies of chemicals expected to last for seven days to resume water production following the water crisis that the Capital City is currently facing.

The government intervened to ease the water situation by paying the suppliers of chemicals after the council announced that it had no revenue to purchase water chemicals.

Acting Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Hon Ziyambi Ziyambi in a statement concerning the water situation said

“Harare City Council has no revenue to purchase water chemicals and the government has taken to assist the council despite the plethora of incompetencies”, he said

 Harare City Council announced that the Pumping of water to residential suburbs will be progressing from one area to another with other quantities of chemical supplies coming from Bulawayo.

Ministry of Public Works has urged residents of Harare to pay their dues to get their local authority on the rails as the government is clearing its outstanding debt to the council.

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This will enable the council to immediately clear some of its chemical debts to improve the water crisis.

The water crisis which has been crippling the city for the past few weeks came to a climax on Tuesday when the council announced that it was shutting down the Morton Jaffray due to shortages of chemicals.

Long winding queues of buckets have become a usual site in Harare's suburbs as people try to get water from boreholes and neighbours with backyard sources of water.

The crisis has spark fears of a cholera outbreak in the city which is home to 3 million people. Memories of the September 2018 outbreak are still fresh in resident's minds.

Below is the press release.

Harare water crisis


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