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Latest Goods/Grocery Prices 26/08/19

The prices of goods and services continue rising seemingly in line with the runaway USD/RTGS exchange rate. However, if you shop around you can get to save a precious few dollars. For example, Mayonnaise Crosse and Blackwell 750g is going for only $29.99 at OK First Street but it’s being sold for a whopping $59.99 at TM Pick N Pay Second Street.

We went around three supermarkets in the CBD and we present their current prices below so you can shop wisely and save a few dollars.

NB, We have published new prices as of 28 September 2019. Click here to see them.

Update and point of correction.
We made a mistake on the prices of Mayonnaise Crosse and Blackwell from Pick N Pay 750 g. We erroneously said that it’s going for $59.99 when the actual price is $28.99. It’s the 750g salad cream that’s going for $59.99. We sincerely apologise for this error and inconveniences it might have caused. We strive to bring you accurate prices updated every two days. See the images of the two products below.

The rest of the prices are correct.

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Updated Prices of Basic goods               Updated Prices of Basic goods

ItemPick N Pay Second Street Price
OK First Street

Food World Jason Moyo
Mayonnaise Crosse and Blackwell28.0029.9949.99
Irvine’s eggs Crate43.9947.9949.85
Salt 1kg4.994.305.99
Mazoe Orange Crush31.9931.0032.30
MA-HAT-MA 2KG 54.9939.50N/A
Continental Taste Roller 10 KG48.9953.9952.80
Ngwerewere 10KG50.9950.0049.30
Gloria Flour 2KG31.9940.9925.80
Dendairy 1litre12.9912.1912.48
Cerevita Corn and Banana 800g22.9922.0021.95
Kellogs Cornflakes 75031.9959.9931.99
Snip Tissue14.9915.00N/A
Stay Free maxi pads11.9914.6914.60
Colgate 100ml6.997.998.15
Sun Jam 500mg 7.999.758.30
Boom 1KG37.99N/a36.70
Zimbrite washing soap 1KG13.9914.10N/A
Cremora 1kg48.99N/A47.99
Bread lobels, Bakers Inn, Proton9.459.459.45
Sugar 2KGN/A23.80N/A


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