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4th Edition of the International Coaching and Mentoring Annual ICMAA

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INTERNATIONAL COACHING AND MENTORING FOUNDATION (I.CM.F) is hosting the 4th edition of the International coaching and mentoring annual awards ICMAA  on 15 November 2019.

International coaching and mentoring Foundation specializes in Team Building Coaching, Strategic Planning, Corporate Coaching, Evaluations, Surveys, Talent Management, Life-Coaching, Project Design, Monitoring & Evaluation (to include Baseline, Mid-Term and End line Evaluations) and general consultancy services.

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The event is to be held at Crown Plaza, Monomotapa Hotel in Harare.

icmaa event

Our news spokesperson in a question and answer interview with the founder Coach Blessing Duri had these details about the International Coaching and Mentoring Annual ICMAA event:

What is the relevance of these awards?


The awards` aim is to recognize, acknowledge and celebrate outstanding work and coaches who have made a huge difference in the community. The profile of the ICMAA is to raise the profile it plays in transforming lives across the world.


Who are the nominees?


The nomination process is still underway up until the 30th of October Where the Nomination interviews will be held at ICMF Harare offices on the 4th of November 2019.


What is your nomination criteria?



The International Coaching and Mentoring Annual Awards (ICMAA) are for individual Coaches who have excelled, shown outstanding commitment and great impact in their area of specialization to an individuals and/or group over the last 12 months. Where appropriate, endorsement should be sought from clients. This can be done through the use of coaching and mentoring logs books.

The International Coaching and Mentoring Annual Awards (ICMAA) are a unique opportunity to recognize and reward the work of excellent coaching at all levels across sport and activity, from the community to high performance. Success in the Awards depends on two factors:

  • the number of hours spent in coaching done by the candidate (nominee) and,
  • the impact of coaching/mentoring itself.


The process is straight forward and is as follows;

  • WhatsApp masterclass
  • Nomination in the right category.
  • Candidate (nominee) to tell the story about their achievements and impact (providing further detail to back this up)
  • Candidate (nominee) to bring the coaching experience to life with examples of how the coach has made a real difference, preferably with statistics/results and quotes from those they coach.
  • Include evidence of how the coach has left a legacy, through lasting opportunities available to participants or a long-term impact.
  • Consider the wider benefits the impact of coaching has had on participants. Has this improved physical/mental wellbeing or individual/social/economic development?



For the International Coaching and Mentoring Annual Awards (ICMAA), ICMF  uses the broad definition of coaching and welcome nominations on behalf of coaches, instructors, leaders, teachers, trainers and others who support people to achieve in life. All nomination information is treated as confidential until short-lists and winners are announced by ICMF.


How many categories are there?

 There are 10 Categories


  1. Leadership Coach of the Year 2019
  2. Executive Coach of the Year 2019
  3. Business Coach of the Year 2019
  4. Youth Coach of the Year 2019
  5. Relationship Coach of the Year 2019
  6. Most Promising Young Coach of the Year 2019
  7. University Coaching & Mentoring Club of the Year 2019
  8. Team Building Coach of the Year  2019
  1. Career Coach of the Year 2019
  2. Overall coach of the Yaer2019


Does the public vote in these awards and if so how do they do this?


They are given a platform to nominate the prospective Coaches (which is happening now) from different circles mentioning the impact they are making and how they have touched their lives. The masses cast their vote using a whats app number and email address they are provided with.


Are there any prices to be given to the winners? If so, what are they?


The winners receive Certificates, Glass awards crafted by Glass  Creations and other material depending on the person's position, like  ICMF T-shirts.


Who is/are the guest speaker(s) and who are stakeholders?


Still to be announced communication still underway.


What's your view on the state of the coaching sector in Zimbabwe? How receptive are Zimbabweans in general towards coaching ?


The coaching industry is still relevantly new in the country or in Africa in General, many have not yet grasped the coaching concept, but to those who have had the chance to be engaged in some coaching activities or have some knowledge of the field, they seem to be embracing the idea more and more. But there is still much need for marketing the profession for improved visibility and reception.


Coach Blessing Duri expressed his passion for coaching saying “The point of life coaching is to assist the coachee to move from stagnation to growth. The coach does not establish the goals; the coachee does. The coach helps shine a light on strengths that can help the person achieve their goals. Respect for the coachee’s autonomy is paramount. Many different types of coaching include these elements as part of the process”

He went on to say “Life coaching, mentoring, executive, team, and peer coaching all work to help the individual flourish. Sometimes these are formal relationships with start and end points. Other times they are informal, starting and stopping naturally. Our hopes are that more and more Zimbabweans might come to grasp the coaching concepts and embrace the coaching profession/ engagements for the benefits they offer to them. Because the coaching method have been proven and it does work many successful testify to have made it in life because of their engagement of coaches and or mentors”



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