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Socialites Zuva Habane and Edith Chibhamu charms Dubai electricity investors

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South Africa based socialite and entertainer Zuva Habane and Dubai based businesswoman Edith Chibhamu has managed to win the hearts of Dubai investors who have pledged to help Zimbabwe lessen its current electricity situation.

Zuva Habane said Edith Chibhamu’s who is a board member of the Greenspan sat on the table with investors in Dubai as they struck a deal.


Habane said she is grateful to Edith Chibhamu who believed in her strengths as an entertainer without judging her online character. “I guess my light has begun to shine so bright and the Gurus up there have started acknowledging it.

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Edith looked beyond the Zuva Habane social media personality, she said she saw a real-life influencer and gave me a seat on her table,” said Zuva. Edith Chibhamu’s Greenspan is likely to save Zimbabwe’s current electricity crisis after they have been engaged by a company in Dubai.

Edith Chibhamu

The company has pledged a huge amount of dollars towards an energy plant in Zimbabwe.
The entertainer said they hope they will not be scramble over the mega-deal which will benefit Zimbabweans at large.


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