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New Zesa Tariffs to Punish Over Usage.

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The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority hiked tariffs which are already in scarcity.

Power has been reduced to luxury, a commodity accessible for the elite. The #powehike conversations have been dominating the social media platform with some struggling to understand these rates. Here is a simple explanation:

Zesa now has an online self-service enquiry where you can check how much you would be required to pay for certain units. Kindly log on to and click on Prepaid Units Check then enter your meter number then either enter the amount and it will give you the number of units you will get or enter a number of units you want and it will give you the amount you are to pay.

You can also check for last three tokens there.

You can also register your account on the same platform for other enquiries.

The Zetdc tariff changes, each month your first 50 units will cost $20.50 total, then the next 150 units will cost $136.50 total, after that, it's $3.87 per unit… so if you buy your units in $50 increments you should receive the following units each month

1st $50 – 82 units
2nd $50 – 54 units
3rd $50 – 54 units
4th $50 – 20 units
5th $50 – 12 units
after this each $50 continues at 12 units

the first 200 units are sold at a reduced rate on a “lifeline tariff” in an attempt to keep the cost of power lower for those on lower incomes, the majority of households use 200 units or less per month so most people won't be paying the $3.87 top rate, those that do reach that level of usage will be paying a premium, the aim of the premium is to 1 – encourage sensible power usage, and 2 – subsidize the most vulnerable in our society who will be surviving on the “lifeline tariff”

This new Zesa tariff is a  measure :

1, to punish those who buy electricity numerous times a month e.g buying $10 electricity after finishing you buy another $10 hence at the end of the calendar month you buy electricity more than 6 times this is now a punishable thing by Zesa under new system since you will be charged 0.40c per kWh/unit

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2, Under the new system again using more electricity is now a punishable thing again since you will be charged 0.40c per kWh/unit on extra units

The tariffs are favourable tariff whereby if you buy prepaid electricity once at the beginning of the calendar month you will pay $48 and get 200kwh/units which will be very cheap as compared to buying several times a month of which you will end up paying 0.40c per kWh/unit whereby $48 you will get only 120kwh/unit

NB: So in short consumers are advised to buy $50\/200kwh at once which may last 20days on a normal household, which is a promotion according to Zesa after which if you exhaust them this when you only gonna pay 0,40c per kWh to finish your month whereby $50 will buy 120kwh/units

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