A 39-year-old Chitungwiza man was caught shoplifting four boxes of condoms in a supermarket.

The economic meltdown currently bedevilling the country has affected the prices of contraceptives, pushing them beyond the reach of many, witnessed in the shocking astronomical prices of condoms.

According to reports, Tinashe Sibanda was nabbed at OK Fife Avenue in Harare in a botched shoplifting incident.

The matter came to light when Sibanda appeared before Harare magistrate Richard Ramaboa facing charges of theft.

The state proved that on October 27 around 4.20 pm at OK Five Avenue in Harare, Sibanda took four boxes of Durex condoms valued at $184.

The court heard that Sibanda entered the supermarket and went to the shelf near the tills and took four boxes of Durex condoms and went out of the super-market whilst hiding the condoms in his pocket. The till operator who was near the shelf saw the accused and informed the complainant that the accused had not paid for the goods.

The complainant followed Sibanda outside the supermarket and apprehended him leading the recovery of the condoms and his arrest.

Sibanda was ordered to pay $100 fine before November 15 this year.


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