by the Environmental Management Agency spokesperson Adkins Mudii has confirmed that Chitungwiza Municipality has been fined $24000 for issuing stands to home seekers on wetlands in the town’s Ward 12.

EMA spokesperson Mudii said;

Chitungwiza Town Municipality was fined RTGS 24 000 as prescribed by SI 7 of 2007, which talks about ecosystem protection.

An order to stop all the constructions on the wetland was served to the council until an ecological assessment has been done and until a prospectus has been submitted to EMA

The order has been given to the council to stop construction. Failure to do that, a docket will be opened

We applaud EMA’s efforts to issue an order to cease all construction operations on endangered wetlands in ward 12. Stopping the construction of illegal structures is a positive stride in the noble fight to preserve our wetlands

Wetlands are very important in communities as they can help in filtering pollution and act as a wind or storm buffer.

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