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Its War in the Spiritual Realm as Prophet Uebert Angel Joins the Passion Java, Bushiri Affair

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It’s going to be a hell of a week if the drama that cooked up over the weekend continues like this. It seems war at the moment is the only way that Zimbabwe is understanding. It all started with our celebrities/ socialites Jackie Ngarande and Amanda Zuva Habane. These two have been on each others throat since last week and it seems the saga is not stopping anytime soon.

As if that is not enough, Passion Java came with a jab attacking rappers Mudiwa Hood and Stunner before the latter replied to the self-proclaimed man of God. This issue was also joined by Amanda Zuva Habane and Queen Tatelicious all in favour of Stunner.

As the week was ending Prophet Passion Java struck with a prophecy that has sparked a lot of controversy in the Christianity sector or religion should l say. Passion Java said on a Facebook video that South African based Prophet Sheperd Bushiri is going to die in December. This did not go well with the Malawian preacher who in turn issued a message during his Sunday service saying he was not going to die anytime soon. He even went as far as claiming that Passion Java is a fake prophet.

Because of the prophecy Passion Java made to Bushiri, it has forced Prophet Uebert angel to speak out since he is the spiritual father of Sheperd Bushiri. Check the video below as Prophet Uebert Angel speaks on Prophet Passion Java.

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Source Mbare times

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