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In Less Than 24 HRS Enzo IShall Highest Score Video Receive an Unfortunate Audience

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Social media influencer Tatelicious has criticised dancehall singer Enzo Ishall after dropping a video of his latest song Highest Score.

The track is a new phase of the EnzoIshal Brand, off Passion Java Records, directed by Buffalo Souljah.


Dear Enzo please divorce yourself from Java. People related to your music because you where coming from humble beginnings. I know you don’t have O level and your sense of reasoning capacity is a bit dull.

But those who know you vanototi une A’level but your thinking capacity ndeye munhu asina ZJC. I watched your new video,pandaona Java ndabva ndabaya exit,even the way you tried to sing in English ndashaya kuti ukuyedza kuti chiii.

The new song is a TOTAL MESS UP.

Let me educate you a little. Jah Prayzah haana 0 ‘level raiva dofo zvaro kuSchool but HE CALLS THE SHOTS AT MILLITARY TOUCH MOVEMENT because he’s the money machine,ndiye anopinza mari mukambani.

Vana Keen nema degree avo havati bufu kana Jah ataura. Why is this so,because he’s protecting his Brand? So hudofo hwekuchikoro haunei nemusic industry, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

However, it is not only Tatelicious who is not happy about the track. Social media is still hallucinating from the bits and pieces from the song.

A philosopher once said disabling comments can frustrate and alienate viewers who do have something positive to say. Unfortunately, the comments on the video have been disabled on youtube.

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Sorry Enzol I Shal you know I'm your biggest fan but your recent video sponsored by Passion is to illuminate… plus I can't hear what you are singing. Please go back to the old Enzol who made you famous. Ndi Wellence Mujuru adaro

Another derogatory comment from a facebook follower entails:

Dear Enzo Ishal

The problem yekuti music yako inoitwa influenced nevanhu vane mari. You end up wakuita zvavanoda instead yekuimba zvinoda mafans ako.I tell you you guys come for music lessons coz i see disaster in some carers.Tha video standard doesn't even match the 1 million amount stated…That is over-exaggeration at the highest score and the video is showing satanic dinosaurs vomiting fire and faces changing into zombies. The visuals are in total contrast with the message in the song moreover the quality is even much more below the standard of the monetary aid to be paid.Enzol IShal please Go back to drawing board tikuda zvawaiita kare pasati papinda mweya yetsvina ana java avo. Nemiwo ma promoters please don't use these artists kufambisa ideology yenyu. We understand makada mbiri makura take it please. Hazvirambidzwe kuita promoter since as an artist but open you eyes dont be used zvekusvika pakuty music yako is now centralised ne ideologies dza promoter no please be real as you were from the start.

Another facebook critic posted saying

Ndiani akamunyorera song iya mmm.I think igraduate chete…….Magraduates anoda kuomesa zvinhu veduwee.Dai akangoti TURO NDAKANDA CHANGU CHIRAURO obva atonyarara zvazviri nani.

Here are some of the comments on facebook:

Madam Boss apparently is defending the video. She applauded the song and even acted a challenge of the video. 




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