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ZESA Lash Out At Customer On Twitter

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The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution (ZETDC) company lash out at a customer on social media for expressing his frustration after the company switched off power at 1 am yesterday,3 hours after stage 2 load shedding ended for the day.

ZESA is on people’s blacklists these days due to the long and frequent power cuts causing incapacitation among the population

Now and then the frustration reaches fever pitch and one too many customers publicly lash out and blast ZESA for the power cuts as with the case below where one Twitter user told them to go to hell.

The power utility clapped back with equal volts of electric shocks and told the customer to go to hell as well.

ZESA claps back at disgruntled customer

While it’s not confirmed if the account does belong to ZESA indeed it gave people something to laugh about.

Many outraged Zimbabweans took to social media to blast ZESA for the power cut after enduring another 18 hours with no electricity

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