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Government Renames Harare And Bulawayo Roads

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The cabinet has explained that they approved the renaming of roads, places and Government buildings in Harare, Bulawayo and other towns across the country, as a way to try and foster unity, while reflecting on the country’s history and identity.

This was said by Acting Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Mangaliso Ndlovu while addressing journalists after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting.

“Cabinet noted that through the process of naming, every community or society defines its identity and culture, tells its history, and espouses its values, beliefs, norms, and world-view,” he said.

“Naming is also a social engagement tool that fosters understanding, peace, and unity in diversity.”

Below are the new road names

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  1. Enterprise now ED Mnangagwa Ave
  2. Kirkman  now Solo Mujuru Drive
  3. Livingstone now OR Tambo Ave
  4. Charter now Fidel Castro Road
  5. Cameroon now Joseph Msika Road
  6. Selous now John Nkomo Road
  7. Fife Avenue now Leonid Brezhnev Avenue
  8. Angwa Street————Seretse Khama
  9. Baines Avenue———-HerbertUshewokunze
  10. Argyle Road————Sydney Malunga
  11. Dieppe Road————Vitalis Zvinavashe
  12. Rezende Street———Julia Zvobgo
  13. The Chase————-Sikwili Moyo Street
  14. Blackinston Street——Joseph Culverwell
  15. Quendon Drive———-Edison Zvobgo Drive


  1. Connaught Avenue———-Cephas Cele
  2. 13th Avenue to include Anthony Taylor Ave—Clement Muchachi
  3. 14th Avenue——George Nyandoro
  4. DoncasterRoad—SikanjayaMuntanga
  5. Vic Falls   Road—Mosi-Oa-Tunya Road
  6. 23rd Avenue———Jairos Jiri Avenue
  7. 11th Avenue—-Daniel Madzimbamuto

Hospitals have also had their names changed. Harare Hospital has been renamed Sally Mugabe Hospital whilst Mutare Hospital will become Victoria Chitepo Hospital.

Below is a Comprehensive List of the Proposed Changes.




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