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Interbank Rates & Black Market Rates 03/12/2019

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Interbank rate

EXCHANGE RATES -03-12-2019               
USD/ZWL$ 15.8689 16.7673 16.3181
GBP/ZWL$ 21.1172 21.1205 21.1189
EUR/ZWL$ 18.0674 18.0739 18.0707
ZWL$/ZAR 0.8921 0.8924 0.8923
BWP/ZWL$ 1.5028 1.5159 1.5094

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$100➡2250 RTGS$
$100➡1660 BOND
R100➡148 RTGS$
R100➡110 BOND

£100➡2680 RTGS$

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NB: These rates are for indicative purposes only and may differ due to changing market conditions and the amount of the transaction. For current rates please visit your local bank or authorized forex dealer.


ZIMTRENDING, as well as all members of our team, do not participate in the parallel market. We do not trade in foreign currency or advise anyone to do so. We just analyze the apparent parallel market within Zimbabwe. These rates are to be used as a benchmark only should never be quoted as official rates. If you are looking for official rates please consult the RBZ or your registered bank. We have no involvement with the RBZ, banks or any bureau de change’s whatsoever.

While every effort is made to ensure accuracy we will in no way be held responsible for any business decisions you make while using us as your reference rate.

Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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