|Former ZBC radio and television presenter, Ezra Tshisa Sibanda, has postulated that Robert Mugabe’s wealth should be shared among his political victims and that no member of the Mugabe family is going to inherit anything.

Below is Sibanda’ s argument :
Robert Mugabe is reported to have died and left just over $10m in cash, farms and several houses, but left no will.

We know the truth, he had more money and assets than declared- scattered all over the world. No one has a legal right to his estate since he had no will, probably he didn’t want any member of his family to benefit from his loot.

Since he left no will, his cash and assets should be shared by families of victims he killed and maimed.

His wife and children should not get anything from Mugabe’s Estate.

They are all rich so the money he accrued through his evil deeds, corruption and mass murder should be forfeited and paid to victims!

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