The Anglican Church-run Peterhouse Group of Schools has been accused of racism with rampant cases of segregation as its white leaders allegedly treat students and teachers with racial bias.

A former student at the top private school, Nakiso Gwatidzo, recently claimed that the racism at the school is both individual and institutionalised and is the vilest kind discrimination he has ever encountered.

He said:

Peterhouse harbours and exercises some of the most racist and discriminatory behaviour I have encountered in my lifetime. It’s both individual and institutional; addressing one is not enough.

Meanwhile, Peterhouse Rector Jon Trafford last week denied reports that racism is embedded at the institution. He said:

As a group of schools, we are very conscious that prejudice and discrimination continue to exist within our communities, and that it is within our collective interest as a school community to confront and tackle these issues.

An Anglican school has absolutely no place for racism or any other form of discrimination. We have promoted and continue to promote the belief that all people are created in God’s image and have infinite value.

Reports suggest that some schools in Zimbabwe practice secretive quota systems when they enrol pupils and some have banned indigenous languages on school premises and relegated black staff to non-decision making positions.

Some of the schools reportedly promote Eurocentric values of neatness, where black students, especially girls, are expected to have particular hairstyles.

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