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Inmate At Chikumbi In Shocking Murder Of Fellow Inmate While Others Watch

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A mental inmate at Chikurubhi Maximum Prison has appeared before the court for allegedly killing a fellow inmate with a metal hoe.

The accused, Rifias Mhandiko who was already serving a sentence for two counts of murder at Chikurubhi Prison’s Psychiatric Hospital is said to have sneaked in a metal hoe into the cells which he later used to kill Tapiwa Alhwise Nduna.

The court heard that Mhandiko was working in the stores office where he took a hoe and wrapped it with a blanket before sneaking it into the cells.

At around 2100 hours, Mhandiko woke up other inmates and ordered them to cover their faces and remain quiet before he stroke Nduna with the hoe several times in the head.

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He then threatened other prisoners against telling authorities about the matter before tying the now deceased’s legs using a rope.

Postmortem results revealed that the Nduna died due to brain injury, multiple skull bones fracture and severe head trauma.

The case was remanded to the 23rd of December.

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