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Thomas Chizhanje aka CST Can’t Get Over Lorraine Guyo

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Socialite Thomas “CST” Chizhanje has been warned by comedienne and ex-girlfriend Lorraine Guyo over posting their pictures together on social media.

Chizhanje and Guyo separated mid last year and it seems CST might have been having hard times to accept and move on.

The warning comes after Chizhanje took to his Facebook page to post a picture of him and Guyo together.

Chizhanje has since deleted the pictures from his Facebook page after Guyo came forward complaining about it.

In an interview with Chizhanje, he said he had moved on and he wanted to show people there is no bad blood between the two.

“I was just showing people that we are okay and I have moved on but, I have since stopped posting her.

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“I have deleted the pictures on social media since they were sending the wrong message to the people,” said Chizhanje.

Guyo said she was not happy with what Chizhanje was doing since she has already moved on with her life.

“I have already moved on with my life. He must too. Never have I posted him.

“He must let me be because I am enjoying the peace I have now,” said Guyo.


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